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Program sales will be available until Sunday June 25th.

Program books will not be available for sale at the venue. They are available for sale through pre-purchase only. There will not be a digital version of the full program posted online.

ID and proof of confirmation of purchase will be required to collect programs. Please note that it will not be possible to collect programs reserved for others.

Program pickup location: Delta Lobby

Mon. 7/3: 4:00-6:00pm

Tues. 7/4 - Sat. 7/8: 10:00am-12:00pm

Order confirmation and ID will be required for pickup.


There will be six competition ballrooms: Each ballroom will have a 40' Wide by 30' Deep Acoustic Dance Stage with Treblekote.

For U8-U15 Solo Championships, the hard shoe round will be performed three at a time. In all other solo championship age groups, the hard shoe round will be performed two at a time. For all age groups, the soft shoe round will be performed two at a time. Dancers in All Traditional set competitions will dance three at a time. Dancers competing at the same time will share the same floor space.


Information for the competitions that have been split into A & B group:

Please note that the dancers are listed in alphabetical order by split, not in competition order.

Per the syllabus, when the number of entries for a competition reaches 150 or more, it will be divided into an A split and a B split. The competitors will be randomized, the tabulation team will apply the parameters set forth by IDTANA and the competition will be divided.

Information has been included for All competitions that have been split, including Solo Championship, Traditional set and 4 hand competitions.

Finally, please note that dancers will not be listed in the event program book in numerical order, however they will be placed in alphabetical order by competition, with a further group identifier indicating which third of the competition they will be in for planning purposes. For example if they are in the first third of the competition, it will indicate group 1, and so on.


As noted in the syllabus, Dancer lists will be provided at the time of check in. Dancers must follow the rotation as provided and notify the Stage Manager of any potential conflicts or emergencies. In the case of a medical emergency, dancers will be allowed to dance at the discretion of the Stage Manager, and chairs of the event at a later time in the competition. HOWEVER, a dancer who is checked-in but is not present to dance at the appropriate time will be disqualified from that round. [IDTANA/2006}

In addition, please note the following as relates to rotation order: For Solo Championship (including Adult) round 1 will commence with the first dancer listed in the official program. The starting number for Round 2 will be 1/3 of the way down the list, and the starting number for Round 3 will be a further 1/3 down the list. All competitions that consist of 1 round only have a random assigned starting number. 


Number listings will be released 1 hour before start time of competition: Dancers must check in before the start of competition. Dancers can pick up their numbers. at the designated registration desk near the ballroom where they will dance.


Practice Stages:

Two large general practice stages will be set up in the venue for all dancers to use in preparation for competition. They will be located in: Washington B Governor's Chambers


The beautiful patches displaying our logo for the 2023 NAIDC have been shipped and are on their way to Nashville!


Remember, ALL dancers participating in the 2023 NAIDC will receive a patch to commemorate the event!

4 Hand Important Note:
That 4-hand competitions, girls and mixed (defined as at least 1 boy), be included
in the NAIDC syllabus. Dancers on a 4-hand team may not repeat on another 4-hand team nor can they compete on an 8-hand team. 

Please note, per that above, any entries for teams that do not comply to this rule will be considered null and void

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